Thursday, February 11, 2010

On A Valentine's Day!

Ratings: ★★★☆☆

Yes,I skipped Biology Tuition yesterday to watch the premiere of Valentine's Day with Pawan. She won two tickets from nuffnang and she invited me. Lucky me. It was an "AWW!" movie. Not awesome but a good one. My favourite part of the movie was Anne Hathaway being an adult phone entertainer. haha. Pawan and I laughed our heads off. OMG! Taylor Swift's first appearance in a movie was so bad. Not only was her role being a bimbotic girl,she can't act or dance. All she could do was make out with Taylor Lautner.I think she should stick to singing ONLY. Did I mention I really like the Movie Poster?

Click here to see more pictures of our outing:

Goodnight World!
Sheryll here wishing you an advance "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Monday, February 8, 2010


♥My New Fav TV Series!♥
  • Ate Sushi King at The Curve today. Paid RM60+ for bad sushi. Bummer! Oh well,at least the sushi craving is not coming back anytime soon.
  • Watched "The Spy Next Door". I'll give it a 1/5 ratings. I was kinda bored. The bloopers were funnier than the movie. Jackie Chan's english is still bad. LOL.
  • I bought a grey and white hair tie from the bazaar. The grey one looks good but I regret buying the white one cause it doesn't look white anymore when I brought it home. :( Hopefully,someone will buy me a red and purple one too. *Hints Hints*
  • Went IKEA shopping with Roo boy. Bought 17 green tupperwares in a set for only RM15 for us, IKEA food and he bought a star food container as a part of he's Valentine's Day surprise to me. I don't know what he's going to do with it but I have a feeling he's gonna put in all my fav treats,muchies,and nic-nacs. I'm really excited. :D
  • I'm kinda sad cause I don't have anything big for him for Valentines and all my gift plans are ruined cause he guessed it all already. :( *NEED HELP!* 
  • I just finish watching the entire first season of Glee. Total Satisfaction!

 School tmrw. Hectic week ahead. Can't wait for Valentines Day!
Goodnight blog,I'll be back soon.
Until then,
Do miss me. Toodles!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Class Of 10'

First day of school for the year 2010 and it already sucks to me!
(I really detest school)

Woke up at 6.15 this morning to get ready for school.
I woke up extra early to dry my hair with the fan when I realize I didn't have my hair dryer with me. My hair was still wet when I tied it for school. :(
So now,I'm having a running nose. :(
I really need my super cun hair dryer Sis!
Nways,reached school around 7.27.
I was late. Like wtf? Why does school start so early now? 
So the prefects wrote my name like usual. :(
What a way to start the school year.
After assembly,climb 6 flights of stairs cause my class is at the highest floor. "GREAT!" :(
Election time! "Wee!"
Like we don't know who's gonna be the class monitor this year.
I got nominated for AJK Keceriaan this year. Nominated only. Everybody knows I'm not good at art nways.
Got really annoyed by Brian today. :(
My school made a new rule :( and they hired a new canteen management. :)
The new rule is girls and guys can't sit together. How stupid is that? 
Rule or no rule...Roo boy sat next to me. :D
The canteen has more choices of food now. Cleaner and more appetizing I would say.
I ate Curry Meehoon and Sweet Corn in a Cup.
Went back to class and listen to Pn.Low yap about Chemistry. :( 
I don't get Chem. I want to like Chem but Chem doesn't like me.
School ended at 1.45 today. :) No more 2.30 and 1.50! :D  
Bottom line is if it wasn't for Roo boy,I would have moved school already.
I hate this school but I love him. 
What's worth more?
I know my answer.
I love him.

Let's count the smileys...
:( :( :( :( :( :( :(
:) :)
:D :D

How was your first day?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tick Tock To The New Year!


Good book!

Good movie!
My Roo boy downloaded this movie for me. Thank you! Thank you! Wanted to watch it since last year.
This is my wallpaper now! :D
(It's that good)

Asa Butterfield as Bruno.
He is such an adorable blue-eyed british speaking boy.
He's so just wanna kiss him!

My Sticky Bottle from Justin as a Christmas present. I had it before in Aussie and I loved it. 

Best Candy ever!

(That's what he wrote)


This will be my new companion when I get sleepy in church. :P

Thanks Justin!
Truly appreciate it.
It's an awesome gift until it finishes. LOL.

My new Turquoise Rose Hair Tie!
"Who says Roses must be red?"

I like my hair here. :)

Yes,my hair is Brown. It's not the Camera.

Another flower. This time...its PINK.

2 for RM10 ppl! At the Curve Bazaar.

So lately I've been spending a lot of time with Roo Boy.
He's the only one worth my time really.
We took our relationship to the next level didn't we baby?
I shall not disclose here. For those who have sick minds,it's not something dirty. LOL.
Just so you know baby,I just ditched my Cheer friends to spend New Year's Eve with you.
"Gimme some love!"

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Sadly,I didn't put up my Christmas Tree this year cause I didn't like it but nevertheless I still had the Christmas Spirit going on. And this year I spend Christmas with my dad. It's just the two of us now. No one else. He's been in a good mood lately. Buying me stuff and taking me to fancy places to eat. He even suggested to take me for the christmas countdown but I don't like going to these countdown places where it's packed with ppl and you'll just suffocate there with the lack of oxygen. Bleh! Not the way I want to spend Christmas Eve. I like staying at home with all my love ones sipping tea,eating cakes,snuggled up with the pillow&blanket on the couch watching Christmas movies back to back. That's my ideal way of spending Christmas.

Now that it's past Chrismukkah,I can reveal my presents.
(I know I'm kinda late but Christmas is still not over to me)

Pretty Turquoise Gift Box.

I Ribbons

Look what I found in the box! 
Black elegant Esprit Purse.
Just what I needed. Thanks Huey Yen Jie Jie a.k.a My Cousin Sister.

Nike Grey Tote Bag my Roo boy bought for me.

Thanks baby!

Chrismukkah is about Giving too ain't it...
Well,I got my Cousin 3 Christmasy knickers from Topshop,
Guitar stand from Guitar Harmony for my Sister,
A pair of Knee Sleeves for my dad &
A Fossil Watch for my Roo boy.
I'm super satisfied with the gifts I got them. :)
I wouldn't had thought of these perfect gifts without Roo boy's help.

Christmas Eve:
I had a filling lunch with my Cousin Sister and Sis at BBQ Plaza,1u.
Talked about her upcoming wedding cause my Sis and I are gonna be her maids of honour. She showed me her Tiffany&Co engagement ring. *jaw drops*  Giler jealous much. :P
At night,my dad and I went to TGIF to eat. We wanted Chilis but it was full house. So we went to the next best thing! I ate grilled lamb shop with mash potatoes for the main course,fajita nachos for the appetizer and mocha mudpie for dessert. MOCHA MUDPIE was the best!
TGIF really con ppl's money during the festive season. They cut your portions into half and A la carte is not served. You have to order in a set. Tsk tsk. I was complaining the whole time even though I'm not paying. 
After that,I went almost closing time shopping with daddy and he got me a new top from Kitschen. 
Overall,I had a good time with daddy. 

Christmas day:
I had another filling lunch with my dad at Nirvana,Bangsar. Not your average Christmas lunch but vege's are green and curry is red so I guess it's still Christmasy to me.
After that,walked around Bangsar Village for awhile. I wanted to get a pedicure at Chic Nail Spa but full house too.
After that,we went home and watch Surrogates until my dad fell asleep.
At night,I was suppose to have dinner at Wondermilk with Roo boy but the worst thing happened...Wondermilk was close. :( So we went to Starbucks to grab a drink...and the rest of the night should not be mentioned.
You've got to ask me personally if you want to know.

                  yours truly,xoxo♥

P.S: I still love you. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheer Jam 2009

Cheer Jam 2009 Rocks Socks,Shoes,Ribbons and Skirts!
Cheer Jam 2009 was way better than 2008 fer sure!
Even though it was a smaller group compared to last year which was quite sad,it felt more family like.
The fees was so expensive but thank god Chee Wei gave me the early-bird Charm member discount even though I paid on the day of Cheer Jam itself. Oops! I promise I won't register last minute anymore.
One of my New Year's Resolution after this event:
To NOT Procrastinate!

Day 1:

Routine Jam was something different this year. Everyone was separated into 3 teams and we had to learn a whole routine in two days and perform it on the 3rd day of Cheer Jam which was the CAMP CHAMPIONSHIP. It was slightly stressful cause there wasn't much time and we had to memorize the dance steps and counting. We'll be counting 5,6,7,8 the whole day! lol. But overall,routine jam was an awesome experience and everyone deserved a two-thumbs up! Besides that,I got to practice my horrible basket toss on guys at Cheer Jam and safe to say now,my basket toss is way better than it was before and I can officially say that I can do a basket toss toe-touch. Right Dixon? Right Jia Wei? Those two had awesome basing chemistry together! *eyebrows* I love flying on them! I feel safe. Next was Zumba dance. It was fun. Alot of hip movements. Me likey! Dino from Celebrity Fitness is an awesome Zumba/Hip-hop dancer! I couldn't keep up to his moves and energy. It's so BOOMZ! (boomz was the word at Cheer Jam thanks to Fu Hun).

Day 2:

I've learned so many stunts with the proper technique at Cheer Jam. It made me a better flyer,thanks to the UCA staff. I did a basket toss toe-touch,basket toss full down,hand stand to load,split to elevator/extension,round-off to cradle and arabesque to cradle. Practiced my elevator&extension liberty and straight extension. Hope I didn't miss out on anything. Flying is awesome! You should try it!

Day 3:

Last day of Cheer Jam! *oh-oh!* That means CAMP CHAMPIONSHIP and goodbye. :( During the dance session with Mr.Lim Chee Wei *haha* I went to learn the Cheer dance with Cheng Choo instead of learning Jazz dance with him cause I personally prefer Cheer dance cause it's easier. I don't really see myself as a dancer cause I'm not. I'm a Cheerleader with classic cheer motions. Hell yeah!

Pawan & Gwen with the oh-so-famous pout!

My buddies during Cheer Jam. Look at Xenia! I know she wants to lick in between my fingers. lol.

Mua frands with their participant tags.

Pawan,Gwen and I.

Katie Prechter & I.
(Katie is such an amazing flyer. She's one of the best flyers in the states. She's 24 and she still flies. How awesome is that? I really look up to her)

My Cheer gang

The Cheer Jam 2009 Family

P.S: Sorry for the lack of updates. My laptop is being a bitch to me lately and the blog post editor has gone haywire.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Had A Bad Day

Now that I'm more CHILLED after taking a nap this afternoon,I can finally write about how upset and frustrated I was this morning at 10.00. I woke up early this morning keen to go for the Photography Workshop at KDU College that I've planned last week. So,I headed out of the house into my Sister's Renault. (I don't like using the word car) Nways,we went to pick Andrea and Kennard up. But when my Sis called...Andrea picked the phone up and with her usual perky voice,she said "Sorry babe,I just woke up...I slept very late last night" . So,we left without them. After that,we went to Pawan's house to pick her up. I called her and the most coincidental thing happened. She was not ready too. So I waited for her for exactly 12 minutes. When we were all ready to Sis suddenly tells me that she isn't up for it anymore and she wants to go to 1utama instead to watch "Princess and the Frog". So we discussed about it in the car before she hit the gas. I tried coaxing her to go for the workshop but as usual...she never listens to me like how she never listens to me when I tell her to drive safely. GAH! I was mad alright. I just didn't show it. So we went to Ou and she went watching the disney movie alone while Pawan and I watched "Love Happens". It's amazing how I can remember every single detail when I'm upset. 


P.S: Spontaneous my ARSE!

Friday, December 11, 2009


(Asia Pacific Youth Alive Conference)
Yep,that's what I've been up to. I wasn't there today cause I was lethargic and I just couldn't get out of my bed. Sorry God. At least I was there on the first day. I'm not trying to bargain here...I'm just simply saying :P I'm going tmrw cause it's the last day of Apyac. Should I wear my "Speak to the Nations" shirt?

Was it good?
Hmm...I think it's okay. Its not something I would go for every year. I think H.U.G.E Camp was better. But one thing I admire most is the way the speakers preach the word especially Rev.Clement Wong and Ps.Mike Pilavachi. You'll just laugh your hearts out. "When a woman is say...oh-oh!" quoted by Rev.Clement. Haha. (inside joke of day1)

Is there anything I love about Apyac?
I would definitely say there are two things I love about Apyac.
1) Praise and Worship
            2) The 20 Nations represented:
(Brunei,Indonesia,Papua New Guinea,China,Ghana,India,Botswana,U.S.A,Thailand,Philippines,Nigeria,Pakistan,Japan,Nepal,Vietnam,Kenya,Bangladesh,Cambodia,Canada,and Malaysia)
Cool aye? *two thumbs up to the Youth Alive committee for organizing it so well*

This is one of the bands that represented U.S.A and I had a good time listening and worshiping to their songs. Simple lyrics but awesome tunes. Got pulled by Justin and Zheng Hwang to the very front of the auditorium. It was pretty fun. My hands got so sore cause I was clapping the whole day. I met Ruth,Carmen Wee,Joanna and some familiar faces. "Some" too snobbish to even say Hello. Tsk tsk. *You know who you are*

That's me! I found this in someone's flickr. I think he's the photographer for this event.

I'll be there again tmrw,until then...
♥God Bless You♥


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friendship Band

I got a new Turquoise accessory!

Thanks to:

Yana Al-yahya a.k.a Homer Simpsons
~this post is for you babe~
(Can anyone spot the other Al-yahya?)
Thanks again for the surprising gift. I love it. I can't believe you were worried that I wouldn't like it. You're such a Silly gal! :) Just so you know,I've been camwhoring with it ever since you passed it to me during our lil chat at your place. Now I have 2 accessories from you. One on my ankle and this new rugged bracelet on my wrist. I hope it keeps on coming. :P *hugs my fellow insane burping cheerleader* I'm sooo putting it up on my hall of "All Things Turquoise" at the side of my blog.

Here are some random photos of it:
(every picture is self-edited,mind you?) must be wondering whether I'm showing off the bracelet or my nails. :P Urghh!!! I need to redo my Manicure. :(

Me likey the effect.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ipoh Mali

I found this on my way to Ipoh. Gorgeous isn't it? I miss my hometown.

We(cousin sis,sis,and me) played Harry Potter Diagon Alley board game cause we were bored of course! Man,was it tons of fun! This is one of the rarest games don't you think? I love it! I was leading at first but my Sis won the game eventually. 

Look at all my Gringotts Coins! I was the richest in the game but wealth isn't important in this game. Wish I was playing monopoly instead with that luck! I can't have everything I want can I?

The Winner's Green Sorting Hat!

*drumrolls* My godpapa! He still drives at the age of 69! You're awesome Kai Yeh! I want you to know that I always cry when I think about you cause I know you love me the most. *tears* I'm like your daughter you never had. You converted to christianity cause I did. You're the best thing that happened to me during my childhood days. You would buy anything for me even though you had no money. You took me to eat at the best places whenever I come home. You spoilt me too much cause you love me. You're always so proud of me. You call me Kai Lui but you tell your friends I'm your daughter. Promise me you'll take good care of yourself? I'm really lucky to have you in my life. I promise to call you more often. I love you Kai Yeh. 

I found this antique book in my Kai Yeh's house. It belongs to my Kai Ma.
The whole book is filled with cursive writings of lyrics in the 70's. She told me she started writing lyrics in her teens cause she had nothing better else to do and she would sing it after. That picture in the book is my Kai Ma's parents. I just found out she has baba nyonya blood. Like OMG! 

List of songs she compiled.

~We Will Make Love~
I dedicate this song to you,Roo boy.

Look at the gorgeous cursive writing. I wanna write as good as that.

This is my favourite oldie! Witch Doctor! It goes like...
Try singing it!

I just had to take this.

I feel excitement when I look at this!

You don't find stuff like this often.

Haha. Her english name is Lucy?!?! Kai Ma,why didn't you tell me?? 

My Aunt and Uncle took my cousin,sis and I to Royal Perak Golf Club to eat Japanese Cuisine. Everyone say YUM! I ate till my hearts content at Kizuno One.

Fyi,I didn't take this picture. I stoled it. :P

My Aunt's reaction after eating a roll of sushi. Haha. It isn't exactly her cup of tea.

What a funny name for a shop! Funny Mountain....Funny Mountain!!!!! This shop has a drive thru service! That is how rich they are. I bought 4 soya bean bottles,the size of the 1000ml Spritzer bottle. Two for Roo boy,one for my Kai Yeh and another for my dad. I don't think its the best soya shop. It's just too sweet. I can die of diabetes! Gosh!

Look at the massive jam! Totally car sick again. Gahh! Wth? NBD 7561? 

My Kai Yeh's automobile!!! 
*waves back*
I would say this is so far the best trip to Ipoh I've had in awhile.

P.S: Don't cry Kai Ma.